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5 Best African Fashion Stores

November 21, 2020

5 Best African Fashion Stores

If you are of African heritage , then you might have encountered some difficulty in finding a convenient place dedicated to that style of dress.

If you care about making sure that you are wearing African clothes that were made by someone who is sincerely in touch with the culture and how it inspires design, then consider the following list for the 5 best African fashion stores right now.

Here are the top African Fashion Stores:

  1. jojma
  2. TruefacebyGrace
  3. Afrikrea
  4. Zabba Designs
  5. Laviye



JOJMA is an online clothing brand specialising in African-inspired fashion, created by Moroccan-born Soufiane derouech. The brand name is a is the Biblical Hebrew word rendered as "wisdom" in English Bible versions (LXX σοφία sophia, Vulgate sapientia), in part, to symbolise the brand’s fusion of African and western design.

The brand believes in empowering people to be proud of their cultural heritage through their clothing. The core values of the business include a dedication to customer satisfaction, innovation in design, and the cultivation of a positive mindset in the wider community.




TruefacebyGrace is an online-only, luxury clothing and accessories store dedicated to African fashion in the Greater Washington Area in the US. The business is the brain child of it’s founder Grace Yeboah Ofori who started her journey in Ghana and arrived in the USA in 2014. Grace wanted to start a clothing brand that preserves her cultural heritage, while also manufacturing new and unique designs that still stay true to that heritage, and she has enjoyed a lot of success as a result.

The clothing available to order on TruefacebyGrace is inspired by a wide variety of different African cultures, respecting them and the long history they are entangled with. The target customer for TruefacebyGrace is someone who cares deeply about representing their cultural heritage through their clothing, while also enjoying a unique, modern twist that doesn’t make them feel like they’ve stepped out of a time machine.



Afrikea is an online e-commerce platform that’s dedicated to the buying and selling of African-inspired fashion, crafts, and art. The site brings together different designers, whether they be of African-heritage or not, to open their own online storefront for free and sell their creations directly to an audience that loves and appreciates native African culture.

The website has a huge array of different African fashion items to browse, and it’s easy to get lost taking look at all the great deals on offer.

Zabba Designs


Zabba Designs is an African fashion brand that was created in 2008 by Mai Bradley, inspired by her personal love and appreciation of cultural African clothing. She believes that every woman should have the chance to feel elegant and glamourous regardless of how they look, and that’s been the goal of Zabba Designs ever since.

This brand is all about merging western and African culture together to creation a unique explosion of colour and style that really sets it apart. It combines the self-expressive and colourful style of West African women with contemporary designs common in the western world.



Laviye is an African clothing store that wants to give people who are proud of their African heritage the right clothing they need to express the sentiment they truly feel inside and be proud of who they are. The bold and stunning designs found on Laviye are sure to turn heads whenever you walk into a room wearing one of them, and you’re sure to be asked where you got such a distinctive piece. By using traditional African fabrics

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