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About us

Routine is not something you want to wear.

African inspired clothing and accessories are a good way to spice up your life and lift up your spirit! African wear is always in fashion and has weathered the fashion trends, while, still maintaining it's universal appeal. The fashion week in NYC this summer included not only many African influenced designs but in fact had a whole clothing line called African Collective.

JOJMA is the new, much anticipated clothing line that brings fresh, authentic, creative, vibrant, stylish and quality African inspired apparel for Africans aboard and also for non-Africans all over the world.

JOJMA is dedicated to making sure everyone is unique in their style, by providing a wide selection of clothing and accessories for you to be you and more!

Women shall look like Queens they are in the fabulous selection gowns with matching head ties. While, men will look like Kings . There is even a wide variety of African clothing for children - the little prince and princess.

Celebrate lush, colourful divine clothing from the birth place of mankind. Mother Africa!!!